Japanese movie-maker has it covered

Takeshi Kaneshiro has followed two other world renowned celebrities on to the cover of a popular Japanese magazine.

Those gracing the cover before him included American President Bill Clinton and kung fu film star Jackie Chan.

The film-maker vowed to develop his career in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, not wanting to spend time in just one place.

Kaneshiro has finished a Japanese movie and is now shooting a film in the territory.

Then he moves on to shoot a Hollywood movie in June.

To celebrate Paul Wong Koon-chung's 33rd birthday, Commercial Radio and Rock Records held a party.

His fans prepared some gifts for him, including a ship made from softdrink cans. Others performed a lion dance. Wong's birthday wish was that everyone enjoy good health and that his new album, released today, sells well.

Mavis Fann's new album will be released in Hong Kong this month.

She has been touring Taiwan in an open-top bus to promote the release.

Nick Tse Ting-fung is excited about the release of his debut single. And to dedicate himself to his career, he has broken up with his girlfriend.