Daughters at music tribute to patriarch

The family of Deng Xiaoping attended a music recital held as a tribute to him.

The recital at the Beijing Concert Hall was attended by Politburo Standing Committee member Hu Jintao and Central Committee Secretariat member Ding Guangen .

Mr Hu was the leader of a committee established to arrange Deng's funeral and Mr Ding is in charge of propaganda and cultural matters.

Deng's three daughters, Deng Nan , Deng Rong and Deng Lin , were present but Xinhua (the New China News Agency) did not say if his widow Zhuo Lin attended the Tuesday night recital.

Communist Party General-Secretary Jiang Zemin and Prime Minister Li Peng were both absent.

The recital featured more than a dozen top mainland artists including actor Sun Daolin. They recited poetry and prose written to commemorate Deng.

The event was originally planned for the Ching Ming festival but was postponed because the concert hall was booked for another performance.