Street carnival put on hold

THE Lan Kwai Fong Association yesterday voted to hold off any large-scale festivities because it did not want to appear insensitive in the wake of the New Year tragedy in which 21 people died.

The association's announcement came as its executive committee voted unanimously to put off ''until sometime this summer'' the Lan Kwai Fong Street Carnival.

''This one has been postponed, any discussions for future ones are on hold,'' said Mr Richard Feldman, a consultant with the association.

He said the association was waiting for ''things to settle'' and to review the final report by Mr Justice Bokhary on the tragedy.

The statement also noted that street excavation work in Lan Kwai Fong would last until late May or early June.

The carnival was originally scheduled for March 20-21.

Because of the delay, the carnival will not coincide as usual with the Hongkong Food Festival, which is organised by the Hongkong Tourist Association.