Economic crime rife on mainland

ECONOMIC crime is rife throughout China ranging from the production of shoddy goods to illegal profiteering and smuggling, the state owned China Daily reported.

Mr Liu Minxue, head of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, was reported as having said around 1,200 economic crime cases were sent to his department for prosecution, while a total of US$129.46 million in fines and $36.74 million in enterprise and individual losses were recovered.

Smuggling was rampant in coastal areas the newspaper reported, especially in Fujian Province, across the straits from Taiwan, Yunnan Province which borders Vietnam, Laos and Burma and Jilin Province which borders North Korea and Russia.

Fujian handled 900 serious smuggling cases the China Daily reported, around 42 per cent of the province's serious crime.

About a quarter of the country's serious economic crime was the production of substandard goods, up from 2,737 in 1991 to 3,521 in 1992.