Kuk chief in threat to quit party

Heung Yee Kuk chairman Lau Wong-fat has threatened to quit the Liberal Party if it does not oppose moves to allow indigenous women to inherit property.

Mr Lau is angry about a bill by Christine Loh Kung-wai to outlaw sexual and disability discrimination.

'I will say they [Liberal Party legislators] are totally irresponsible if they support Christine Loh's private member's bill . . . they vote without understanding our traditions and reality,' he said.

Although the New Territories Land (Exemption) Ordinance, passed in 1994, allows women to inherit land, the rural practice of denying women the right to inherit property is legal.

Mr Lau said the customs of the New Territories would collapse if Ms Loh's bill were passed. 'It is not a blatant form of discrimination. It is only a tradition to us,' he said.