New forum to establish worldwide cargo links

The Cargo Community in Singapore has forged ahead of Hongkong by joining six other cargo community groups worldwide to hook up systems to allow for inter-CCS communication.

They have signed a letter of intent to establish a forum, under the name of the cargo community systems operator group, to address the issues and solutions of CCS interconnection.

Mr Arno Hoitink, managing director of Cargonaut and spokesman of the CCS operators group said: ''This inter-linking of local CCSs will create a global CCS network and offer the most efficient and cost-effective way of EDI in the freight industry.'' The seven CCSs are, Brucargo community systems in Belgium, Cargonaut in the Netherlands, Cargoswitch in Switzerland, Icarus in Ireland, Tradevision in Scandinavia and Finland, Cargo Community Network in Singapore and Teledyne Brown Engineering Aviation Exchange in North America.

These systems already inter-connect more than 50 airlines and 500 forwarders worldwide, with additional users growing rapidly. The CCSs have developed and support industry standards easing inter-connection among distribution systems.

This development allows users and members of a CCS in one country to communicate, using EDI standards, with the users and members of the CCS's in other countries.

Forwarders are now able to exchange waybills, pre-alerts and proof of delivery trough local CCS to their business partners connected to another CCS.