Sunny weather boosts meet

THE 24th Sports Day of the Chinese YMCA College was held over two days early this month at the Sha Tin Sports Ground.

The two days were sunny and warm presenting ideal weather for some outstanding performances.

At the opening ceremony, principal Dr Ho Kwok-keung said the warmer weather was a blessing since there had been a two-week cold spell prior to the meet.

Representatives of the three Houses - Wisdom, Benevolence, Courage - then took the oath of sportsmanship.

Rivalry was keen throughout the two-day meet. Spectators and athletes kept up their enthusiasm and many records were broken. In the boys' Grade A 1,500 metres, Chan Kuz (Wisdom) and Chung Yat-ming (Benevolence) broke the record. The boys' Grade B 200 m were also broken by Cheung Ting-hoi (Wisdom) and Lam Wong-pui (Benevolence) while Tam Hoi-chiu (Benevolence) rewrote the record for the boys' Grade C 100 m.

For the girls, So Siu-han (Wisdom) put her name in the record book for the Grade A 400 m. In the 1,500 m, Siu Yuek-sze (Wisdom) came first and Cheung Chi-chun (Wisdom) was second, both breaking the record. The best performance was in the Grade C 800 m; Cheung Mei-yan (Benevolence), Wong Yuen-man (Benevolence) and Wong Hoi-wan (Benevolence) took the top three placings respectively, all re-writing the record.

The cheering teams provided moral support to their respective House members. Benevolence House with two characters ''Garfield'' and ''Lucky Tiger'' as their symbols was the centre of attraction. However, it was Courage House who won the best cheering team award.

Teachers, students as well as ex-students took part in the 4 x 100 m relay. The race provided a mixture of fun and laughter for everyone.

Wisdom House won the overall championship while the overall boys' and girls' champions were Wisdom and Courage respectively.

The boys' individual champions for Grades A, B and C were Chan Kuz (Wisdom), Cheung Ting-hoi (Wisdom) and Hung Chi-leung (Benevolence) respectively. The girls' individual champs in Grades A, B and C were Cheng Ki-kei (Wisdom), Law Shuk-pui (Courage) and Cheng Mei-yan (Benevolence). The overall individual champion was Cheng Ki-kei (Wisdom), who won three gold and broke two records.

The guests-of-honour were Mr and Mrs Cheung Wing. Mr Cheung is an old boy of the college, who graduated in 1958. Another guest was Mr Lau Chi-fai, an old boy, who is at present a secondary school principal.

At the prize presentation, Mr Cheung urged students to keep fit by exercising regularly. He quoted a Chinese saying ''Health is wealth'' as an encouragement to the youngsters.