Work report aims for balanced strategy

Chris Yeung

THE Chinese Government is to seek a more balanced development strategy in its work report to be submitted to the upcoming National People's Congress next month for approval.

Prime Minister Mr Li Peng said his report would also take a wider perspective of the tasks for the next five years.

In addition to economic reforms, Mr Li said yesterday emphasis would also be put on areas such as social development, ideological education and administration in the draft report.

No less significant were the development of science and technology as well as education, he said at a session with science and technology experts in Beijing on the document.

Mr Li said the promotion of science and technology was vital to the country's development.

Governments at all levels should strive to increase the public awareness of the significance of the promotion of science and technology.

Reforms on the systems concerning science and technology work as well as the improvement of the well-being of scientists and intellectuals should be implemented too, Mr Li said.

Delegates called on the Government to increase funding and improve the working conditions for intellectuals, the official New China News Agency said.

Meanwhile, politburo standing committee member Mr Qiao Shi yesterday called on party cadres to put theories into practice in the next phase of reform and the modernisation drive of the country.

At the inaugural session of the Communist Party School, Mr Qiao said party members should grasp the theories of the building of the Chinese-style socialism as well as the spirit of the 14th Party Congress.

''The main point is to study the publications of Deng Xiaoping that are related to the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics,'' he said in another NCNA report.

The senior party leader urged party members to innovate new thinking based on their understanding of the thinking of the leaders.

''They should be able to inherit the wisdom of their predecessors while seeking a breakthrough over outdated thoughts and practices,'' Mr Qiao said.

He said sticking to the theories of socialist development was crucial if reform and the open policy were to be speeded up.

The ability of party cadres to put theories into practice will also manifest the overall quality as well as the strength of leadership of the ruling party, Mr Qiao said.