College broadens horizons

YAN Ping Industrial and Commercial Lee Lim Ming College has broadened its curriculum and, since the start of the year, has been offering Form 6 courses.

Last September, the Tuen Mun-based school cut back Form 1 classes and added two Form 6 classes offering arts, science and commercial subjects.

Two Form 7 classes will open in the next academic year so the school can provide complete secondary education.

Principal Mr Man Shek-hay, who has been with the college since it was founded in 1987, said the school had been broadening the curriculum and improving the quality of teaching.

''The education system has been changing drastically and there is an increasing demand for more diversification in the secondary school curriculum,'' he said.

''Our college is offering a sound curriculum. From Form 4 on, students are divided into three streams - science, arts and commercial.

''Relevant subjects are being offered in Forms 6 and 7 to enable all students to further their studies should they meet the Form 6 admission requirements.'' The school had only eight Form 1 classes when it opened but now has 36 classes in Forms 1 to 6.

Two new classrooms were recently opened and a seven-metre (20 ft) container has been set up behind the design and technology room to serve as a third staff room to cope with more than 50 teaching staff.

The air-conditioned school library has been computerised with new computers and software installed.

Two new sets of drinking fountains provide clean and safe drinking water for the students.

Other new facilities include a high-speed duplicator to produce high quality printouts, three microwave cookers for teachers and three photocopying machines for both teachers and students.

''All effort has been made to provide both teachers and students with a good study environment,'' said Mr Man. ''Although the school is only five years old, it has improved a lot and is becoming quite well-equipped.'' As well as working to provide better facilities, Mr Man said the school was also concentrating on raising the standard of education among students.

''Extra remedial lessons and teaching materials are offered to Forms 1 and 2 pupils to reinforce their language training,'' he said. ''Form teacher periods have been added to give students extra moral and disciplinary training.'' And because the school has Form 6 students who are mature and experienced at organising activities, the school plans to set up a student union to enable pupils to take a more constructive role in the school curriculum.

BACKGROUND The school was founded in 1987.

DESCRIPTION The college is a co-educational secondary school. There are 834 students in secondary grades and 376 in senior forms. The staff comprises 54 full-time teachers and 17 auxiliary staff.

HEADMASTER The principal is Mr Man Shek-hay who holds BSc, MPhil and Cert Ed (HKU). Mr Man has 18 years of teaching experience.

TEACHING LANGUAGE Students are taught in Chinese and English.

ACTIVITIES The college offers a wide range of activities for students. These include the English and Chinese associations, the Computer Club, Sports Club, Geography Club, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. SPORTS Students are encouraged to take part in volleyball, basketball, football, athletics and swimming.

RECREATION Recreational facilities include a music room and an assembly hall. Students interested in singing or music can join the choir or the violin section.

FACILITIES The college has 26 classrooms, an Integrated Science laboratory, and laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Field trips are organised for Geography, Biology and History students. SCHOLARSHIPS The school management committee donates up to $10,000 each year for the various scholarships on offer.

PREFECTS There are 60 prefects who are headed by Simon Wong Wai-man and Monica Wong Heung-lai. The deputy head prefects are Florence Chow Lai-yee and Ada Fu Chui-yi.