CRC takes 'liberal' to limit

I READ with wonder (South China Morning Post, February 25) that Conservative Resources Centre (CRC) leaders are planning to organise themselves as the ''Liberal Party''. A more hilarious misnomer in Hongkong politics can hardly be conceived.

Were it correct that the ''Liberal Party'' were a truthful reflection of the conviction of its future members, they would probably have to make another U-turn in their political outlook.

Nonetheless, judging from the illustrious political careers of the more prominent CRC legislators, shifting position must have become an effortless and routine feat.

I quote from the Post the third principal objective of the future ''Liberal Party'': ''Preserve and enhance the social, economic, legal and political systems that have created Hongkong's prosperity and stability.'' Clearly the present social, economic and political systems in Hongkong are hardly liberal. And yet, our future ''Liberal Party'' is determined to ''preserve and enhance'' these institutions! It is true that our elitist socio-economic structure has created our prosperity, but it has always been liberalism's role to promote a system emphasising greater equality, instead of on more prosperity.

The great champions of true liberal ideals, Gladstone and John Russell, are probably turning in their graves. EDWIN W. B. CHOY Kowloon