Imelda less well-heeled after ruling

MY heart bleeds for Imelda Marcos - my occasional dancing partner in the days when she ruled the Philippines and I was young and foolish - who has been forbidden by the anti-graft court from leaving for Hongkong on the grounds that her travel request ''lacked merit''.

I've got news for the learned justices. What could be more meritorious than the fact that Imelda was visiting Hongkong to pick up some shoes (size nine) that had been ordered especially for her from Italy by glamorous entrepreneur Nancy Jong, owner of upmarket shoe boutique Beltrami.

Imelda, after all, is the woman who put the Philippines on the map when she replaced St Crispin as the patron saint of shoemakers.

Keeping Imelda from her passion? The justices should seriously consider how they would feel if they were in her, er . . . shoes.

But if Ma'am Marcos would so desire, Keeping Posted will be happy to arrange for the said items to be delivered to her luxury Manila home.