Big names not the answer

I REFER to the sports headline ''McAvennie awaits call to region (South China Morning Post, February 22).

I doubt the return of the overweight and overpriced McAvennie will solve South China's problems, problems brought about by the team management.

If the South China management had retained the prolific goal scorer Dale Tempest and accomplished players such as Tim Bredbury, Ross Greers, Steve Neville and the hard-working Richard Lant and Trevor Morgan, they would not be having such a dreadful season.

What local soccer needs is hard-working and dedicated footballers who are prepared to commit themselves and not big name signings.

Does South China really think that missing three clear chances and scoring a penalty in an extra time shootout against Kitchee in the Camelpaint Challenge shield quarter-final is worth HK$100,000. I for one do not. Money does not always buy success. F. J. BROWN Sha Tin