Doctor delighted to return as new chief to her birth place

THE new boss of a Western maternity hospital cannot keep away from the place.

Dr Tina Tam Wing-fai was born at Tsan Yuk Hospital 47 years ago. Twenty years ago, she returned for a 10-week training course. And now she is back again - this time as the hospital's first chief executive.

''I was really happy to have the offer,'' she said of the job. ''I love this hospital so much.'' Dr Tam was delivered by the head of the hospital at that time, Dr Cheng Hang-yue, the family doctor who was also a close family friend.

Her relationship with the hospital became closer when she received 10 weeks of training there while studying medicine at the University of Hongkong more than 20 years ago.

Dr Tam, who was appointed as part of a Hospital Authority plan, yesterday met the press for the first time and announced plans to celebrate the hospital's 70th anniversary.

Next Tuesday, the Governor's wife, Mrs Lavender Patten, will officiate at the ceremony.

Mrs Patten will receive a flowers from five-year-old Leung Hoi-fung, who was born at the hospital weighing a mere 570 grams. Hoi-fung is now a healthy girl.

Dr Tam said the hospital, after a five-year renovation, was set to provide better services.

Besides air-conditioned wards, the hospital will provide more facilities for the 4,500 pregnant women who pass through every year.

The 200-bed hospital has doubled visiting times to three hours, cut waiting times with an improved appointments system and provided drug labelling services.