New baddies hit the streets in latest fight releases

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 June, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 June, 1997, 12:00am

Street Fighter 3 has discarded the bad guys from the second version.

M. Bison and his underlings are gone and another homicidal maniac wants to rule the world - like every other insane bad guy.

The new fellow is called Gill and has both fire and ice attacks. If you don't think that is bad, he has a resurrection super art. This is Gill's one and only super move, once his super bar (the meter at the bottom of the screen which allows the characters to do extremely powerful attacks) is full, it will allow him to regain all his energy.

This will make him hard to defeat - to win you will have to avoid his attacks, stick to him like glue, and smack him really hard before he uses his super move.

Also, the biggest news is the long-awaited appearance of Ryu and Ken's master Sheng Long, who is also Akuma's brother.

Ryu and Ken are the Street Fighter good guys. Sheng Long was supposed to be dead after losing to the evil Akuma in an epic battle on a cliff.

Sheng Long managed to survive the battle and has trained hard over the years to get his revenge on his brother.

Long's moves are similar to Akuma's. His super dragon punch is unblockable and leaves you stunned.

If you thought Akuma's double fireball was bad, Long's is worse - his second fireball is higher than the first one, so if you jump over the first one you will most likely get hit by the second.

There also is a possibility of Long having a version of Akuma's demon barrage because there is a similar Chinese character (sky, heaven) on his shoulder.

As for the other characters, only Ryu and Ken made it to Version 3. The rest of the cast is new.

Street Fighter 3 will be in arcades first, and will be released on the Sony Playstation in 1998.

Mortal Kombat 4 is in the works right now, and is in '3-D'.

Staff working on the Mortal Kombat series said that by going 3-D they had opened up new avenues of game-play to explore.

MK4 staff say that going 3-D will enable them to view the characters in different angles, and will allow more outrageous fatalities.

With the use of 3-D, character animation has been improved greatly, with characters composed of more than 3,000 polygons. When there is that many polygons, everything blends together to form a more natural, organic look.

Most of the usual motley crew of characters will be returning for MK4, including Raiden the thunder god, and Scorpion.

Midway has not set a release date, although it did say it would be some time in the summer or autumn.

DarkStalkers 3: Jedah's Damnation (DS3), the third in the series, has all the characters tweaked up with new moves and counters. There are also four new characters, which should add some spice to the game.

The new characters are a succubus (like Morgan), a queen bee, a vampire and Little Red Riding Hood armed with an Uzi.

The old characters have more spectacular super moves, which work like SF3. New features are the no-round combat and 'Dark Forces' power. No-round combat means that after you get stomped on by your opponent, you get back up and your energy bar will be replaced, meaning there is no pause and no round one, two or three.

Dark Forces power is a special attack which takes the fighter to another dimension where the attacker temporarily gets some special abilities.