Keefe may be the one to pull off Wharf 's dream

EVEN as the Sino-British political storm continues to rage over pay TV, Wharf Cable has acquired a chief executive officer.

P.S. has learnt American Mr David Keefe will be named as Wharf 's top dog when, and possibly if as some have whispered, it gets the 12-year licence from the Government.

April is the latest date for the document to be issued, although is four months later than first suggested.

Mr Keefe's CV includes a stint with Cox Cable in Atlanta, Georgia, in the 1970s before going to American Cable Systems, where he ended up as a senior vice-president, leaving for a job in Massachusetts with Q Television.

Wharf has been distinctly edgy about Mr Keefe's presence, saying it will not discuss staffing until the licence is sorted out.

Its caution is understandable for those who might hear faint echoes from the Hongkong Cable Communications pay TV venture led by Wharf.

Assailed by self-doubt and divisions within the consortium, HKCC hired another experienced American cable TV executive, Mr Christopher Derick, in June 1990 as general manager.

He could not stop the slide, and HKCC was wound up six months later.

We wonder if Mr Keefe and his wife, Pam, have taken a two-year lease on their apartment.