Breathing a little uneasily on the dead airwaves

DEAD air'' is a term radio chaps use to describe moments when there is silence on the airwaves.

One embarrassing example was heard on Metro News during a recent ConversAsian show hosted by former TVB newsreader Shelley Fines.

The topic was AIDS and the guests came from groups promoting better understanding, among them Mr Mike Sinclair of the AIDS Foundation.

All was going well until Fines asked the panel if they thought there was more awareness of AIDS in Hongkong since 'that dentist' admitted he was HIV positive.

Cue dead air.

And cue the dead researcher who hadn't told Fines that the dentist in question was sitting in front of her.

Perhaps Fines was on another planet at the time.

We hear she recently informed colleagues she was Anne Boleyn, one of King Henry VIII's six wives, in a past life.