Deputy: I will not embark on impossible

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 27 December, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 27 December, 1997, 12:00am

New NPC deputy Fei Fih said local deputies should give 'constructive advice' rather than advocating major changes such as the adoption of Western-style democracy.

'I know China very well, I can differentiate where I should and where I should not put my hands . . . The crucial thing is to put forward opinion with a good intent,' she said.

'I will not embark on things that are impossible to achieve.' Daughter of former Ta Kung Pao proprietor Fei Yiming, Ms Fei, 55, was brought to Hong Kong when she was six years old.

She returned to the mainland in 1964 to study at Beijing's First Foreign Language Institute.

In 1966, the Cultural Revolution forced the institute to move to Hubei province.

Her Hong Kong connection made classmates suspicious of her, but she did not suffer at the hands of the Red Guards.

Ms Fei finished her degree in 1973 and became an interpreter for the Foreign Ministry.

She has travelled extensively with mainland leaders including Deng Xiaoping and late president Li Xiannian.

Ms Fei said experiences in the West had taught her that China should not accept individualism without question. She would not open an office in Hong Kong.

'If we begin opening our individual NPC deputies' offices, it would easily lead to confusion with offices of the legislative councillors.' Ms Fei said NPC deputies should be careful not to give any impression they were interfering in SAR affairs and should show they respected 'one country, two systems'.

She would collect the views of the public through her social network.

She believed another task of NPC deputies was to explain the policy of the mainland to Hong Kong people and visiting foreigners.

Shortly before the NPC selection on December 8, Ms Fei quit her job with the Asia Financial Group owned by Robin Chan Yau-hing, an incumbent NPC deputy running for another term.

Ms Fei said her NPC status would not help her job-hunting prospects.

'You will not get the green light for whatever you want to do in the mainland simply because you are an NPC deputy.

'You will not get anything done without the financial basis required for setting up a business. If you are looking at it from the perspective of having a better social network, then of course it's a possible result.'