Accidental bump led to assault by gang of 20

A BUMP in the dark in a karaoke lounge was followed by an attack by about 20 men on three others which left one dead and two seriously injured, the High Court heard yesterday.

On trial before Mr Justice Duffy and a jury are transport worker So Tai-ki, 29, and construction site worker So Lap-kay, 24, who have pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder and two counts of wounding with intent.

The dead man was transport worker Mr Li Wang-yuen, 29. Injured were Mr Ip Sau-ki, 35, and Mr Lee Fook-nin, 34.

Senior assistant Crown prosecutor Mr Samuel Leung said in his opening address that six men went to Gerlin Karaoke in Tai Po on March 4 last year for a night out.

So Tai-ki later entered and joined a number of men at another table.

Mr Lee had gone to the toilet and bumped into someone at that table on his return.

He allegedly swore before calling for the bill and he and his friends then went out to the car park.

They got into two cars and one drove off. As the second car was leaving, about 20 men jumped in front of it. They dragged out the occupants and began beating them, the court heard.

Mr Leung said the other car returned to the car park.

Two men were seen attacking Mr Li with objects, he said. Mr Li fell to the ground and they ran away.

The police arrived and three men were taken to hospital, including Mr Li, who was in a coma and died several hours later without regaining consciousness.

Police later arrested the two defendants after they tried to run away, Mr Leung said.

Several of So Tai-ki's fingers were bleeding and So Lap-kay had a wound on his hand and blood stains on his shoes, counsel said.

The hearing continues.