Robbed envoy gets chance of a restock

WHAT a shock it was to hear that thieves had broken into the beautiful home of Australian Consul-General Dr Jocelyn Chey and carted away $1.5 million worth of jewellery and antiques.

Having visited Dr Chey's two-storey residence, which is set at the end of a cul de sac with visible security all round, only last weekend for a cocktail reception, one wouldn't have thought of this corner of Deep Water Bay as being where robbers could ply their nefarious trade that easily.

The robbery apparently took place in the early hours of the morning when Dr Chey and her husband - an antique collector - were asleep upstairs.

But I note that later this month the cordial Dr Chey will be presiding at an important exhibition of paintings and sculpture from her homeland, staged by Stafford Studios of Perth.

Perhaps that will give her an opportunity to restore to her home some of the artistic beauty shorn by the robbers.