Clearing away the paper trail

MOST east European country visas allow 30 days tourist visa extendable to three months. Most holders of British Hongkong passports need prearranged visas.

Full British and other citizens need visas only to CIS countries.

CIS country visas demand your accommodation be booked for the duration of your visa. Travel agents will forward your bookings to the Russian consulate in Bangkok for visa approval. If you plan three days or less in Moscow, you can apply for a transit visa in Moscow by showing your outward bound ticket.

HK-British passport holders going into the Czech Republic or Hungary by air can get visa on arrival. Visas must be arranged in advance if going by train.

The Polish Consulate in Hongkong arranges visas. HK-British passport holders do not need one for visits of one week or less.

Visas for Bulgaria or Romania must be pre-arranged through consulates in Bangkok or Beijing, or Europe.

In European cities where there are embassies for your chosen eastern European destinations, visas should come through in one or two days.

Beware: a handful of visas can add up $2,000 to the cost of your holiday.