Sports triumph completes course

Final-year students give university experience a grand finish by winning the sportsman and sportswoman of the year awards FUNG Yiu-kwai and Liza Mo Siu-chee have ended their final year at the University of Hongkong (HKU) on a triumphant note by winning the institute's top sporting honours.

They have been named the university's Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.

Yiu-kwai scored top marks for all-round sportsmanship, including performance in athletics and softball, contribution to sports, and participation in other sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball.

The Faculty of Arts student is also captain of the Ricci Hall Athletics Team and Softball Team, and was nominated Player of the Year in softball and Sportsman of Ricci Hall.

''I spent extra time on sports this year because it was my final year. I wanted to give myself some great memories of university life,'' Yiu-kwai said. ''I might have wasted a lot of time dating and tutoring if I hadn't done sports.'' Yiu-kwai said the win was a pleasant ''surprise'', and gave his fellow sportsmen much credit for his achievement.

''Most of the events I took part in were group competitions and demanded a good team spirit. My teammates were outstanding and taught me a lot,'' Yiu-kwai said.

Medical student Siu-chee won the Sportswoman of the Year award for the second consecutive year with her outstanding performances in seven sports.

''At first, I hesitated to enter the competition as I wanted to spend more time with my books in my final year,'' she told Young Post.

However, sheer enthusiasm for sports and encouragement from friends finally prompted her to enter the fray.

The fifth-year student has shone in a variety of sports, like badminton, squash, tennis, athletics and table tennis.

She was champion in the squash club league close tournament and second runner-up in the individual joint-college squash competition. She is also chairman of the Badminton Club and captain of the faculty's badminton, table-tennis, volleyball, tennis and squash teams.

Siu-chee said she enjoys the sense of achievement a competitions gives. ''It's a test of skill as well as intelligence. Competitions are a very interesting, and attractive, experience!'' she said.

The student hopes to continue with her favourite sports, badminton and squash, in her leisure time and take part in more competition when she leaves university.

At the prize-giving, the winners each received the Omega Rosebowl trophy and an Omega ''De Ville'' watch worth over $4,000.