Harilela's line does no favours for Indians

AS a long time resident of Hongkong and an Indian to boot, it is my view, that if Mr Hari Harilela persists in maintaining an anti-Patten line, we Indians will really get the boot.

On the one hand, Indians seek support of liberal groups to attempt to obtain full British Nationality, and on the other, people like Mr Harilela side with the conservatives.

It would be far more prudent for minorities to stay away from politics.

Perhaps Mr Harilela cannot be personally affected by any consequences of his actions. But the Indian man on the street could.

It is of the utmost importance to point out that Mr Harilela does not represent all Indians resident in Hongkong. He is neither elected nor popular. For a certain fact, he does not represent me. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED WITH great interest I have noted the appointment of Sir David Akers-Jones as an adviser to the Chinese Government. Having accepted his new post one wonders if Sir David will now relinquish his British knighthood and cease to accept the pension paid to him by the Government of Hongkong? JILL JAMES Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom