Police mission to build co-operation

THE Commissioner of Police, Mr Li Kwan-ha, accompanied by the Deputy Director of Crime, Mr Tsang Yam-pui, will attend an annual Interpol Liaison meeting in Beijing.

The Beijing trip was disclosed by China's Minister of Public Security, Mr Tao Siju, yesterday, although a date has not yet been announced.

Mr Li and Mr Tsang are expected to discuss with their Chinese counterparts further co-operation to have wanted criminals hiding on the mainland returned to Hongkong for trial.

The pair returned last night after attending the 15th Annual International Asian Organised Crime Conference in Las Vegas.

At the conference, police chiefs from around the world discussed how international co-operation among law enforcement agencies could be used to combat the increasing worldwide reach of criminal organisations.

In Beijing Mr Li will also discuss with senior Public Security Bureau officials a proposed police seminar in May to exchange information and strengthen co-operation between the two forces in the run-up to 1997.

It is hoped the intended seminar could iron out some of the existing problems facing the two police forces because of differences in law in Hongkong and China.

It would be difficult for Hongkong police to extradite mainland residents who committed crimes in Hongkong while there are still difficulties investigating suspected criminals hiding on the mainland.

Mr Tao said he hoped for co-operation and better exchange of intelligence information between the two police forces.