Even kitchen sink gets Euro-styling

HONGKONG'S penchant for European design is obvious - from the Continental look in fashion, sports apparel and cars, to interior design, furniture and food processors.

It seems the only thing to have missed the Euro-look is the kitchen sink.

Well, now make room for the kitchen sink.

At the Ideal Home Expo, Du Pont is introducing classic Euro-styling in a new line of integrated kitchen sinks and draining boards made of durable Corian.

But what is Corian? Is it stainless steel? Is it enamel? No, it's neither of these materials traditionally used to make kitchen sinks.

It is a solid, non-porous, heat, scratch and stain-resistant composite which can be moulded, cut and shaped to fit any design.

It can be moulded as a continuous part of a counter top and flush-fused in a different colour to retain a conventional sink appearance, or it can become part of an integral sink, which eliminates rims where build up can occur.

Du Pont, which developed Corian more than 20 years ago, and German manufacturer Schock designed the precision-moulded sink.

Schock developed a technology for precision-casting sinks, bowls, tubs and other moulded components for homes, offices and institutions.

The Schock casting process traces back to 1981 when the company introduced a new line of kitchen sinks and bathroom bowls and basins which were moulded in a quartz-filled acrylic material.

''The marriage of Schock casting technology and Corian was an ideal match,'' according to Mr Michael Ho, marketing manager for Corian products.

''Euro-styled kitchen design has become very popular in Hongkong.

''Now, local consumers can acquire single, double and one-and-a-half sink units, which incorporate the appeal of European design lines and the advantages of Corian.'' Mr Ho said Corian was more practical than either stainless steel or enamel.

''Corian comes in 18 colours, which will not fade or discolour because they are resistant to ultraviolet light. And it will not dent,'' he said.

''It has a solid surface which is easier to maintain because there is no coating to erode or chip.

''And it is easier to remove scratches or marks; most repairs can be made with household cleanser or fine sandpaper.

''It has the smoothness of marble, the solid feel of granite and the workability of fine hardwood.'' Corian has a 10-year warranty and can be seen at the Du Pont stand at the Ideal Home Expo.