Fans' changing taste

RESULTS of the only international pop poll in the territory, conducted by Radio Television Hongkong, were announced recently in a brief but grand presentation ceremony attended by local pop stars.

Singers Andy Hui and Kenny Bee performed the original and rearranged songs which won the ''Top Original Song of the Year (English)'' award. In addition, pop band Taichi and singers Alex To, Jacky Cheung and Veronica Yip were invited to present the awards.

According to Clarence Yang Kut-si, chairman of the 4th International Pop Poll committee, this year over 3,000 votes were cast, indicating that the taste of music fans in Hongkong was becoming more and more international.

Local taste, to a certain extent, was in line with that of foreign music-lovers. Taking Eric Clapton, who triumphed in this year's Grammy awards, as an example, he also won a number of awards in this year's poll.

''From the poll, we can see that Hongkong people's taste in music is ever changing,'' Mr Yang added. ''In the past, Hongkong people were considered conservative in music; however, this year's Top Group/Duo winner is black group Boyz II Men.'' Apart from the presentation of awards, the ceremony included a review of the important events in the international arena in 1992.

RESULTS Top Ten Gold Songs 1992 1. Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton 2. End of the Road - Boyz II Men 3. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston 4. I'll be There - Mariah Carey 5. Remember the Time - Michael Jackson 6. For Your Babies - Simply Red 7. Dur Dur D'etre BeBe - Jordy 8. Why - Aniie Lennox 9. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough - Patty Symth and Don Henley 10. Justified and Ancient - The KLF Super Gold Song of the Year: Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton Top Remake of the Year: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston Top Original of the Year (English): Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton Top Male Artist: Eric Clapton Top Female Artist: Whitney Houston Top Group/Duo: Boyz II Men Top Japanese Song: Tearful Kiss Top Japanese Artist: Shizuka Kudo Top Original Japanese Composition: Tearful Kiss (Because You Are You - Andy Hui) Top Selling English Album: Erotica - Madonna Top Selling Japanese Album: Trinity - Shizuka Kudo