Cathy signs up for show

WHILE Suzanne Vega's plans for a performance in Hongkong later this year are under wraps, Cathy Dennis is confirmed for a concert in October at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

Dennis' latest album, Into the Skyline, is co-produced by PM Dawn and features them on vocals. And in the summer she is expected to put out an EP, Moments of Love, with soulmaster Stevie Wonder. JOHN Woo, in the throes of post-production for his film Hard Target starring Jean Claude Van Damme, has announced the working title of his next project. Shadow War will be a thriller with strong Hitchcock overtones.

''I am very interested in this project because I feel it is time for me to try a different kind of film. It will probably be shot mostly in New York City, beginning this autumn,'' said Woo.

Woo is hoping Nick Nolte (Cape Fear and Prince of Tides) will play the lead. LEADING British Bhangra-muffin Apache Indian has cancelled his promotional tour to Hongkong due to a slipped disc. Consolation for fans is that his debut album, No Reservations,is now available here.

Featured on the album are Sly Dunbar, Bobby Digital, Robert Livingstone and Maxi Priest. CONTEMPORARY German photographers are featured by the Urban Council and Goethe Institute in a show at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre.

Fifty works by photographers Astrid Klein, Rudolf Bonvie and Michael Schmidt are on display from 10 am-7 pm daily until April 23. Admission: free.