Mentally handicapped are friendly

I REFER to the article headlined, ''Protesters prepared for a fight'' (South China Morning Post, April 3).

I really want to ask those residents of Tung Tau Estate what rights they think they have that would enable them to stop the Government from building a hostel for the mentally handicapped in their estate? They only rent the flats from the Government, theydo not own them.

If the Government was building a hostel for old people, the residents would not protest.

They said they were not discriminatory, but if opposing a similar hostel for the mentally handicapped is not discrimination, then what is? I am also a resident in a public housing estate. On my floor, there is also a flat occupied by a mentally handicapped family.

They are not harmful; they are friendly and polite to every neighbour.

What makes the people of Tung Tau Estate think they're so special? CHUNG PIK-YUK Kowloon