Tuen Mun seeks border links

TUEN Mun residents are hoping to see rail systems built in their neighbourhood to link up with a new $14-billion cross-border bridge planned by China to run from Zhuhai Special Economic Zone to the territory.

The 50-kilometre, six-lane bridge would run between Gongbei in Zhuhai and Black Point in Tuen Mun and cost more than 10 billion yuan (about HK$13.47 billion), according to Zhuhai mayor Mr Liang Guangdo.

The bridge's construction would be financed by mainland companies and is scheduled for completion in 1996 to allow a daily flow of 40,000 vehicles.

Mr Liang is expected to discuss plans for the bridge with Hongkong officials, but Chief Transport Officer Mr Au Wing-hei told Tuen Mun District Board members yesterday that the Government had not received any formal request for discussions.

The Government has ruled out two rail options proposed for Tuen Mun in its Rail Development Study consultation paper, which is open for public comment until the end of June.

The paper includes a $23.1 billion container rail link from Kwai Chung terminal to the border, an $8.4 billion Mass Transit Railway extension to Junk Bay and three rail links costing a total of $33.8 billion in the eastern New Territories and on HongkongIsland.


The Secretary for Transport, Mr Michael Leung Man-kin, said the Chinese Government had received copies of the consultation paper and would be informed about the results because the $65 billion projects will take place after 1997.

Tuen Mun District Board members criticised the consultation paper for neglecting a linkage to the planned Zhuhai bridge and systems to relieve chronic road congestion within the northwest New Territories.