Disgusted by hospital waiting area

I WISH to express my disgust at the lack of cleanliness at the Queen Mary Hospital.

I had reason to visit the Accident and Emergency section of the hospital a few days ago at around 11.45pm with a friend bleeding from a cut. The waiting area is one of the most disgusting sights I have ever encountered in a hospital. In short: 1) The floor of the waiting area had such a large build-up of grime that our shoes were actually sticking to it.

2) There was vomit in the middle of the floor and in the 11/2 hours we were there, no attempt was made to clean it up.

3) My friend needed to visit the ladies' toilet and again that too was full of vomit. Needless to say she was forced to wait until we left the hospital.

If this is the standard of cleanliness that the hospital board is prepared to maintain, it is no wonder that the rest of Hongkong is in a state.

(The advertisements on the radio thanking Hongkong for 20 years of ''Keeping Hongkong clean'' and ''to keep up the good work'' leave a lot to be desired).