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ACTOR Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in the original Star Trek TV series, is getting into the comic book business. He's writing a three-issue series for Malibu Comics about Raver, the superhero alter ego of a character named Norman Walters of Grinnell, Iowa. Raver tries to save the universe from the perils of over-population.

ACCORDING to New York's Newsday, actor George C. Scott became incensed by the rude behaviour of a member of the audience during a matinee performance of Wrong Turn at Lungfish at the Promenade Theatre. It seems a woman stood up during the play and announced she was going to the bathroom. Upon her return, she declared loudly: ''I'm baaaaack.'' Scott stepped up to the edge of the stage during curtain calls and delivered a finger-wagging scolding.

A LONG-LOST song by Irving Berlin, written for a woman who is considered too tall for most men, has been rescued from oblivion by two-metre tall chanteuse Karen Akers. She is performing the song I'm Looking for a Daddy Long Legs at a Manhattan club. The singer got the tune from Berlin's daughter, Mary Ellin Barrett, who found it among other music.

ANDREW Lloyd Webber already has a musical version of Sunset Boulevard in the works, and soon a musical version of the 1973 film Paper Moon will be on stage. It will star Gregory Harrison of Trapper John MD , but the child role has not yet been cast.

MARLA Maples has testified before a Manhattan grand jury considering evidence against her former publicist, Chuck Jones. He's accused of stealing as many as 200 pairs of the Maples' shoes plus other personal items.

SINGER and actress Vanessa Williams gave birth to a four-kilogram boy at a Westchester, New York, hospital on Thursday.