If you ain't interested don't go

WE received a marvellous invitation last week, steeped in philosophic overtones rarely associated with the computing industry in Asia.

The invitation was to hear an introductory lecture from an American gentleman named Mr Mike Enelow, who, with his company, Titan Pacific, is coming to Hongkong to give a series of lectures about system maintenance.

The invitation first quotes some ''wise old proverbs about maintenance''. These are: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Use it until it is useless.

Don't service it until service is warranted.

These proverbs are followed by a wise new proverb: Those old proverbs are a load of crap.

This last proverb is, of course, attributable to Mr Enelow, who apparently has little trouble going straight to the heart of a matter.

He bills himself as a maintenance guru and has promised to ''enrage and enlighten'' all holders of conventional maintenance wisdom.

Dates have yet to be set for the lectures, though it is thought that, from next month, he will do a series of spots in Hongkong over the next six months.

HONGKONG Information Technology (IT) Week is looking for volunteers.

IT Week is a non-profit organisation that has had its ups and downs since it was formed three years ago.

The organisation has run some great events (mixed with some fairly non-descript offerings) over the years, with only token support from the IT companies in Hongkong.

The IT Week initiative started simply to raise the awareness of the information technology industry in the territory. To this extent, it has been reasonably successful, though it is a goal difficult to quantify.

Whatever success the group has had, though, must be better than nothing. With the Hongkong Government playing its usual ''hands-off'' role, it is left to the industry to play the publicist.

Compare this to other parts of the region where governments have been running high-profile campaigns for years to boost technology in society - Singapore 2000 and Malaysia 2020 - are prime examples.

So, there you go. Barring a major change of policy between now and IT Week in October, the IT Week organisers need your help.

Programmes for this year include IT in Shopping, IT in Education, IT in Entertainment, IT for Persons with Disabilities and IT in Medicine.

All inquiries welcome. Call the IT Week general manager Ms Mazhar Sultana on 598 8613 (telephone) or 598 7800 (fax).

THERE was a time just a couple of years ago when people looked at that buzz word, open systems, and thought it could not possibly last.

Well, folks, this one has legs and we will be seeing a lot more of open systems before we see the last of it.

This week, for example. Digital Equipment, itself in mid-transition from a proprietary to open platform base, is holding an Open Systems Open House at the Sheraton Hongkong in Tsim Sha Tsui on Friday. The conference features a host of speakers from both inside and and outside of Digital.

For further information please contact Grace Su at 805 3100.