Bonnie brings some style to culinary arts

IF the neighbours of cool and collected style consultant Bonnie Gokson have been wondering about the tantalising aromas emanating from her kitchen I can satisfy their curiosity.

Meeting Bonnie at one of those functions where the ultra-beautiful people of this parish gather I was intrigued to discover that she is spending much of her time these days slaving over a hot stove.

Explained Bonnie: ''I'm experimenting with the third menu for the Joyce Cafe, and with summer coming on it's a rush to get it ready. I'm very much into health food - it is my passion.'' Accompanied by her sister Joyce Ma, Bonnie was recently touring Europe.

She said: ''We not only visited fashion houses, but also museums, art galleries and cafes.'' This year's contestants to Miss Hongkong beauty pageant will enjoy the benefit of advice from Bonnie. Organiser TVB has invited her, together with socialite Jennifer Tose, to give image tips to the pageant hopefuls.