Jury visits site of fatal explosion

A CORONER and a newly-empanelled jury yesterday visited a Tuen Mun power plant where an explosion occurred last summer, killing two engineers.

Coroner Mr Warner Banks told the jury that Mr Wong Kwong-yu, 38, and Mr Yip Ka-pui, 41, died on August 28, following an explosion at the China Light and Power Company Limited site.

He said, since the events leading up to the explosion were complicated, a site visit had been arranged for him, the jury and legal representatives, to enable them to have on-the-spot explanations of technical terms.

Lawyers Mr Kwok Sui-hay, Mr Michael Ford and Mr Meyrick Wong, who represent the interests of the Director of Fire Services, China Light and Power Company Limited and Mr Yip respectively, also went to the site.

Coroner's officer Mr Patrick Li will, on behalf of the court, call its first witness today. It is expected that there will be about 26 witnesses.

Yesterday's site visit lasted for about three hours but the return journey of Mr Banks and the jury was prolonged by about 20 minutes because of a flat tyre.