Duo held for kidnap

TWO men are awaiting trial in China in connection with the kidnapping of a Hongkong baby girl in Guangzhou. Six-month-old Cho Pik-nam was kidnapped with her babysitter on April 2 and held for 13 days before she was rescued.

The kidnapping reportedly began with a business dispute between a relative of Pik-nam's parents, who are from Hongkong, and two trading company owners in Lufang county.

The kidnappers went to the baby's grandparents' home in Guangzhou, where she was staying, and told the babysitter the girl's mother wanted Pik-nam brought to Shenzhen.

When the babysitter took the baby from the house, one of the kidnappers left a note demanding a 150,000 yuan (HK$204,000) ransom.