Dogs a real menace on estate

I WRITE to strongly urge the Housing Authority to take the necessary steps to deal with the problem of dogs in Lung Poon Court Estate. This problem is spiralling out of control.

I am the chairman of the Mutual Aid Committee of my building in Lung Poon Court.

In that position, I have been approached by many residents complaining about the mess left by dogs and not cleared up by inconsiderate dog owners.

There are frequent cases of dogs being allowed to relieve themselves in lifts and corridors in the estate.

They also present a hazard to young children. Some residents keep huge dogs and their size, combined with the fact that they are not muzzled, means that they can bark and this scares both young children and adults.

The dogs also relieve themselves in the playground, and in an area where there are table tennis tables and this is spoiling the recreation facilities in the estate.

Instead of being a pleasant place to live in, it is becoming an eyesore.

Residents have raised the issue with the Government several times, but nothing has been done to solve the problem.

For the sake of residents, I appeal to the relevant authorities to do something about this problem as soon as possible.