Hijacked goods held in godown

HIJACKED camera equipment worth $3.6 million was discovered in a godown.

Hui Chung-choi, 47, who rented the godown, was yesterday jailed for three years for handling stolen goods.

The District Court heard that a lorry transporting a consignment of Yashica cameras and flash units to Germany was hijacked by three men, who tied up the driver and his mate.

Police investigations traced 199 cartons of equipment after Hui was seen moving boxes into his unit.

Defence counsel Mr Mike Delaney argued that there was not sufficient evidence that the defendant knew that violence had been used.

Judge Britton told the court: ''I accept the defendant was not one of the masterminds.'' Sentencing Hui, he said: ''You provided the storage space. You assisted the robbers to unload the goods from the hijacked lorry itself.

''So closely and intimately connected were you with the smooth operation of this criminal enterprise that I find it impossible to believe that you had other than full knowledge of the matter of the theft.'' The judge said he was taking into account the fact that Hui was of previous good character.