Case stopped for settlement talks

A CIVIL case in which a wealthy 81-year-old businessman is seeking to make a deed of gift void was suspended suddenly yesterday while the parties discussed a settlement.

The High Court case before Mr Justice Jones was set down to continue for the fifth day but the parties were huddled in conference rooms outside the court.

Just before lunch the judge was informed by the plaintiff's counsel, Mr Neville Sarony QC, that both parties wanted the case adjourned until Monday.

Mr Chan Man-yee, who gave one of his nine children a commercial property in North Point worth $24 million, is asking the High Court to declare the gift void.

Mr Chan is represented by an official solicitor because it is claimed the defendant is suffering from senile dementia. He claimed he was tricked into signing over the property to his 43-year-old daughter.

His daughter, Ms Chan Wai-chun, maintains he is not suffering from senile dementia or at least was not when he signed the deed of gift.