Project to boost students' interest in Basic Law

A drama project is aimed at stimulating secondary students' interest in the Basic Law, the mini- constitution of the SAR.

Presented by the Exploration Theatre, Spirit of the Basic Law will tour about 30 secondary schools from April 9 to May 5.

According to the Basic Law, Hong Kong exercises a high degree of autonomy under the 'one-country, two-systems' principle, and this has a direct effect on the rights and freedom of people in the SAR. However, local students seem to have little knowledge of the concept.

The project, sponsored by the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee, hopes to introduce the subject to students, and help enhance their awareness towards related issues.

The school tours will use inter-active methods to convey the message more effectively to their audience. The actors will perform scenarios and will be seeking comments from students in order to arouse their interest in the Basic Law.

Exploration Theatre is one of three professional drama groups funded by the Government. Apart from public performances, the theatre is actively promoting drama in secondary and primary schools. Its projects are sponsored by various organisations, including the Social Welfare Department, Committee for the Promotion of Civic Education, Environment Campaign Committee, Beat Drugs Fund and the Independent Commission Against Corruption. For more information about the school touring project, contact Y Y Yeung, the theatre's programme officer, at 2889-2132.