Valley rape

The Sha Lo Tung Valley is being raped.

Hong Kong has some beautiful places in which to enjoy nature. These will only remain beautiful and unspoilt if our Government is vigilant and committed to maintaining some space for the ordinary man to enjoy nature.

The Sha Lo Tung Valley is surrounded by hills. It is up a long winding road from Tai Po.

Until recently, the valley was almost uninhabited and nobody entered in a vehicle. The paddy fields were unused. There were beautiful clean streams and places where the scented ginger plant grew wild. The old villages have shady trees for shelter from the sun. The valley was crossed by numerous narrow footpaths.

Now this tranquil, beautiful scene has changed. During holidays Hong Kong yuppies assault the defenceless valley with their four-wheel drive cars, criss-crossing the unresisting green earth with wide swathes of tyre tracks, breaking the footpaths and polluting the streams and the air. The noise is intolerable.

I hope the noise will eventually wake up the Government to stop this horrible process by which the innocent valley is robbed of the one thing that makes it valuable.

W A CRAWLEY New Territories