Chiau's Hollywood fling

Hong Kong's comedy king Stephen Chiau Sing-chee says plans are afoot for a Hollywood version of his movie, God of Cookery .

Speaking from Kuala Lumpur, he said Jim Carrey had reportedly shown an interest in the film. But Chiau said planning was still at an early stage.

He is now promoting his latest flick, King of Comedy , in which he plays a movie extra who sets up a neighbourhood theatre to teach acting.

Also starring are Cecilia Cheung and Karen Mok.

Chiau said he picked Cheung after seeing her in a commercial. The movie is now showing in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

There is a rumour that Vivian Lai Shu-yan is about to get married. As for her three concerts on the mainland during the Lunar New Year, the singer said she did not make a lot of money from the shows, but was happy to meet some of her fans and old friends.

There was tight security at the performances, with reporters and photographers kept away from Lai.

'I was happy with the atmosphere and the fans were screaming. I received quite a lot of presents from them even though I had not sung for a long time,' she said.

Lai said she had no plans to work on any albums in the near future.

TV actress Flora Chan Wai-shan has been surfing the Internet recently, looking up the Web site designed by her fans.

Chan said the site, which comprises her personal profile and some photographs, was highly complimentary, with few complaints.

She is busy working on a new TV series after spending the Lunar New Year with her family in Canada.

'I want to know what my fans think about my acting and try to improve it,' she added.