Teachers angry at register delay

Teachers shocked to hear the establishment of a General Teaching Council could be delayed yesterday demanded clarification from the authorities.

About 90 per cent of teachers supported the setting up of the council to register and discipline teachers, the Professional Teachers Union said.

The Government recommended in November that all teachers must be registered before they are allowed to teach.

It was hoped the relevant bills would be drafted after consultation and tabled in the Legislative Council by the middle of this year.

But the Government has not stated when the bills will be ready and when the council can be set up. It is feared the proposal could be delayed.

'We heard the Government wanted to delay the establishment, saying teachers were not keen because few had attended consultation seminars,' union president and legislator Cheung Man-kwong said.

'But few attending seminars does not mean teachers oppose the council. It only means the promotion of the consultation has not drawn their attention. Tung Chee-hwa promised to set up the council in two years. We demand clarification.'