Riddle of the buried bodies

Teri Fitsell

MOST of the evening's viewing is taken up with part two of Ruth Rendell's thriller A Fatal Inversion on one side, and Racing Night Live on t'other.

Racing Night Live (World, 9pm) speaks for itself, but if you missed the first half instalment of A Fatal Inversion (Pearl, 9.45pm) here's a brief up-date. In the summer of 1979, pre-university, Rufus and Adam hide out and make merry in a large country home.

They're joined by Vivian and Shiva, who're looking for communal Utopia, and Zozie who's looking for her brain, and who boasts a strange line in kleptomania - babies.

Utopia collapses, and 12 years on the police find two bodies buried in the grounds. Now watch on . . . MICHAEL Palin goes on a brief safari in the Masai Mara and takes a balloon ride over the Serengeti in the next stage of Pole to Pole (Pearl, 8.30pm).

Palin - whose new film American Friends has just been released co-starring old friend Connie Booth - has had his good humour severely tested over the past few weeks when he's faced gruelling treks through Africa. Now, just when he thought it was safe tosmile again, the whole journey is jeopardised.

PRIME Sports promises an almost live soccer match, in the World Cup Qualifier between England and Holland (Prime Sports, 5.30am), scheduled to be broadcast three hours after the game is played.

Infuriatingly, what is scheduled and what is actually shown in these Wednesday morning, live soccer, slots are often two different things. Prime Sports/STAR TV general manager Geoff Metzger blames any discrepancies on rescheduling of the matches themselves, inaccessibility of signals, rights or satellite time, or lack of English language commentary.

Whatever, it's still annoying to wait up so late to find that what you see (in a schedule) is not what you get. And, on the latter point, couldn't our old mate Brian Langley commentate? His English seems passably fluent.

DOUBLE Oscar winner Jodie Foster has broken out of her usual tough mould to take on a romantic role - complete with love scenes, no less - in Sommersby, the Hollywood remake of the French film The Return of Martin Guerre. Barry Norman discusses how she handles lurve in Film '93 (BBC, 7.25pm).

He also reviews Indecent Proposal, in which Demi Moore proves she doesn't mind being treated as a commodity when she's ''sold'' for one night by her husband (Woody Harrelson) to a billionaire (Robert Redford).

Both films are scheduled to open here in early June. GET out the best 'kerchiefs for an extremely sympathetic look at the plight of the last word in poor little rich girls, Princess Di and Fergie.

Diana and Sarah, The Royal Wives of Windsor (STAR Plus, 9pm) reveals ''just how much of a parody of the truth their fairy-tale lives have become''.

Given that Fergie and Andrew were spotted canoodling together in London a few days ago, this royal-umentary could already be out of date.