Press misrepresents Singapore

I REFER to the article headlined, ''Singaporeans enjoy a taste of the good life'' (South China Morning Post, April 24).

The article talks about a Household Expenditure Survey, conducted by the Department of Statistics, which indicates that the standard of living in Singapore has gradually increased over the past five years.

I believe the headline is slightly misleading, because it might make the reader speculate that overall life is not good.

True, recent laws passed in Singapore may not be overwhelmingly accepted worldwide, for example, the banning of the sale of chewing gum in the country. However, one must understand that a small, developing, multi-cultural republic to maintain law and order, as well as its reputation as the cleanest and greenest city in the world, may sometimes have to take on a more authoritative stand. Western cultures may not agree with this, but by being able to take both a democratic and authoritative stand, Singaporehas flourished over the years.

Without the cultural background and good understanding of the history of Singapore, the reports by foreign journalists have obviously presented a totally misleading picture of Singapore.

Hopefully, in the years to come, Singapore will enjoy a more positive media image.