Clothes seen giving sense of identity

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 November, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 November, 1999, 12:00am

Should wearing school uniforms be compulsory? This is a question that always crops up in schools.

Those in favour of school uniforms believe that wearing them instils a sense of pride and discipline in students. Uniforms give wearers a sense of identity, belonging, status and respect.

One of the primary reasons behind school uniforms is to deny gang members and other groups the opportunity to display their garb and colours on campus.

However, opponents believe that such a policy denies students their rights to express their individuality. Uniforms, they say, are regimental, militaristic and anonymous.

They also believe that students should be encouraged to exercise freedom of choice as long as their clothing is clean, decent and does not interfere with their studies.