Police recapture escaped Falun Gong leader

A Falun Gong leader in Hainan province was recaptured after escaping from police custody, it was revealed yesterday.

Xinhua said Haikou Intermediate People's Court had delivered indictment letters to four leaders of the banned sect on Monday. The four were identified as Song Yuesheng, Jiang Silong, Chen Yuan and Liang Yulin.

They were charged with organising a cult, as well as instigating and deceiving followers to hold illegal assemblies.

Song would face the additional charge of escaping from police custody.

Xinhua said Song had escaped inattentive guards and had attempted to flee China with Liang's help.

The agency did not say how he was recaptured but said the four were arrested by police in Haikou on September 28.

Song was first captured in Taiyuan, Shanxi, 10 days earlier.

Xinhua first reported the arrests of the four last month after a public protest.