Exams stifle creative thinking: survey

Students lack creative thinking because of examinations, a sur vey revealed. The survey, con ducted by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Associa tion, interviewed 2,200 stu dents.

About 85 per cent said get ting good results in public ex aminations was far more im portant than creativity.

More than 32 per cent said teachers gave them many as signments and taught them ex amination techniques without inspiring them to think in class.

Only 17.5 per cent said they were taught in an inspiring and interactive way, and another 24 per cent said teachers helped them to develop critical think ing and creativity in science classes. More than 77 per cent believed they had potential to develop their creativity. Six per cent associated creativity with human and economic develop ment and national prosperity.

Association executive direc tor Thomas So Chi-ki said the education system had neglected the all-round development of students.