Viewing public to blame for poor-quality shows

The TV series Super Trio Mega Show and My Fair Princess were very popular programmes recently, and people were discussing them everywhere.

However, the programmes had drawbacks which the public overlooked. For example, the Super show had games with sexual overtones. And Little Swallow in My Fair Princess was very often guilty of misdeeds and pronounced words inaccurately, which might have had an effect on children.

But who cares about all these adverse side effects? The public loved them and considered the drawbacks fun! People are only interested in hot gossip, sex and violence, and what producers do to maintain ratings is to supply what the audience wants. People watch simple, amusing programmes without thinking about their quality or drawbacks and their effects on the younger generation. They are shortsighted.

The fines by the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority are ineffective for improving quality, as the stations are very rich.

If we, the viewers, carefully choose healthy and educational programmes to watch, pressure resulting from poor ratings will force producers to make quality programmes.

Ho-yin is a student at SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School