Poppy Day - urgent need for more volunteers

Saturday, November 13 is Poppy Day and Sunday, November 14 is Remembrance Day when we, as a community, will assemble in Central at the Cenotaph for the annual service to remember those men and women who gave their lives in active service in all conflicts.

The ceremony is organised by the Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association whose members are brothers in arms with members of other similar organisations, who fought throughout the Far East, including Hong Kong.

The Cenotaph has been at its Central location since 1923. Through the battle and occupation of Hong Kong, it remained untouched and clearly great respect is still felt for it.

I appeal to readers to help us sell poppies thereby enabling us to raise funds to meet the needs of ex-servicemen of Hong Kong and their families who have fallen on hard times and are in dire need of assistance. They gave their lives or health for Hong Kong and freedom. You should give at least some thought for them or their dependants.

We urgently need more people who can take poppies to sell in their offices, clubs and shops, on or before Saturday. Poppies can be obtained from our depot, Room 4115A, 41/F, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central. Tel - 2537 7251 (fax - 2537 8583). The use of offices and telephones have kindly been donated free of charge by the Hong Kong Land Company and Cable and Wireless HKT.

Let me stress that the money raised from the sale of poppies is disbursed locally to ex-servicemen, widows and dependents, all of them Hong Kong citizens.

They risked their lives in the defence of Hong Kong against the attack of the Japanese forces in 1941 and stood by Hong Kong in its time of need. Should we not now return their help in their time of need? They are now too old and weak to obtain work in order to provide themselves with the basic requirements of food and a roof over their heads.

Please, buy a poppy.

Donations are also welcome. They should be sent to - The Royal British Legion (Hong Kong and China Branch) GPO Box 4747, Hong Kong.

Please also 'remember' by attending the ceremony at the Cenotaph, on Sunday, at 11am.

JACK EDWARDS Chairman The Royal British Legion Hong Kong and China Branch Honorary Chairman The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Assocation