It is important for people to realise, in all countries in the world, the importance of family harmony.

Our children are our future.

We should cherish and guide them, nourish and nurture their bodies and minds.

I pray that all the world's governments and leaders will have the wisdom to generously support family harmony and prosperity. Our children deserve our best.

A healthy nation needs healthy children.

I am ashamed to say that for the past 50 years my country, the US, has maintained a failing system of family law that proclaims loudly for families and children, but produces by its own actions, more causes for great childhood distress and family disintegration.

I believe that because of this, the moral standards of American children are at their lowest point. Even though the majority of America's children are good and wholesome, far too many have degenerated. A high divorce rate cannot be healthy for any child or any nation.

I urge the people to fight for their children and I hope in the future that all our children may find security in their lives.

RUSSELL D. SLIGH Gardner, Kansas, US