Students recommend having wide range of interests

Zero Chan

Hard work and curiosity about all aspects of society are what a cultural studies course demands, according to two pioneer students on the new programme at Lingnan University (LU).

Milka Kwok Miu-kau, 21, said students who wanted to join the programme had to be active, as they would not be spoon-fed.

'Every one of us is willing to think, and that's important. We have to transfer what our lecturers teach us and the texts into our own knowledge, not just repeat it parrot- style.' Classmate Noel Lo Chun- cheong, 20, agreed.

He said the course was not easy because they had to consider all the factors that affect our culture.

'We learn how to think critically, if we are really hard-working.' Ms Kwok said they should also be interested in a wide range of subjects which influenced culture, such as history, education, economics, arts, politics, films, languages, literature and philosophy.

'We don't have to be experts in all these subjects, but at least we shouldn't loathe them,' she said.

Mr Lo said he was not worried about his career prospects. 'We are not taking a vocational training course. I am not afraid of unemployment because I believe my sharpened mind will lead me to a bright future with protean choices,' he said.

Both the first year students started studying different courses before deciding to transfer to the LU cultural studies programme.

Ms Kwok started a social work degree at the Polytechnic University and Mr Lo initially studied Chinese history at a mainland university.